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 I'm always having problems because people keep asking me to do drawings or designs of fandoms that I'm not into, and since I'm stupid and can't say 'no' I end doing them anyways and having severe headaches finding the info I need. So here is a list of things I can do, things I can't and things that may be better I don't do. 

The ones with a Bullet; Purple are ones that I can do, but my depictions of the characters may trouble you because:

    - The characters are from a book and they have no official depiction
    - They differ from the ones seen on the movies (If they have)
    - They may have a lot of different versions from different movies, series, etc
    - They are different due to style issues (they are from american comics, animated cartoons, 3D videogames, they are chibis or SD characters) Of course every artist has their own style so you could say this about almost everything on the list, but it will only count on extreme cases

Heart I'll gladly do: 

- Naruto/ Naruto: Shippuden. (Don't bother to ask, I'm not going to do Orochimaru. Never)
- Saint Seiya/ SS: Lost Canvas. (Protect me from Omega...)
- Hellsing Ultimate. (Mantain that poorly excuse of an anime away from me.)
- Digimon Adventure/ DA: 02/ Digimon Frontier. Bullet; Purple
- Pokémon anime (Kanto-Sinnoh), Pokémon Special (Red/Green-Diamond/Pearl), All Pókemon games (including but not limited to: Mistery Dungeon, Ranger, Conquest) Bullet; Purple
- Final Fantasy (4+After years, 7+DLCs, Dissidia, 12 Reveant Wings, Main characters from the rest)
- One Piece 
- Almost evetything from Laura Gallego. (Except for Idhun's Memories) Bullet; Purple
- Some Ghibli films. (Just ask which of them.)
- Avatar: The legend of Aang.
- 1/2 Half Prince Novel/Manhua.
- Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. 
- Vampire Knight (Just... Keep the Kurans on their cage.)
- Ouran High School Host Club.
- Jules Verne books.Bullet; Purple
- The Count of Montecristo Bullet; Purple
- Jane Austen books.Bullet; Purple 
- Dragon Ball
- Pirates of the Caribbean.
- Harry Potter. Bullet; Purple (Say hi, Gary Oldman.) 
- Drácula. Bullet; Purple(Oh, Gary, I hadn't seen you.) 
- The Chronicles of Narnia Bullet; Purple
- Disney/Dreamworks/Warner/Pixar/etc films Bullet; Purple ( I have some sort of amerimanga style, you know.) 
- Marvel films. Bullet; Purple(Have you seen Quicksilver on X-men? Ugh.)  
- Howl's Moving Castle. Bullet; Purple(I like how they describe Sophie on the books. And her sisters. And Michael. And the sequels.)  
- Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus series. Bullet; Purple 
- The Kane Chronicles. Bullet; Purple
- Dragon Age videogames Bullet; Purple(All of them have the same damn hairs! What's this? Norcorea? Gotta change them all)
- Professor Layton and Layton Brothers. Bullet; Purple(Sadly, I can't do justice to that magnificent bread hair..)
- Greek mythology Bullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; Purple

Fear Could end pretty bad (I haven't finished with it, so I don't know all what happens): 

- Bleach. (Until... Hueco Mundo. Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, you know.)
- Fairy Tail. (To Edolas.)
- Marvel comics (It's hard to read Marvel comics. I never know which of them are canon, which are not, which are in some kind of order, which haven't been translated into spanish..) Bullet; Purple 
- Psy-changeling series. Bullet; Purple 
- Dark Hunters series. Bullet; Purple 
- Loveless (If the lovely autor would just finish it in this decade...)
- Sex pistols (Same as above)
- Sherlock (From BBC) Bullet; Purple 
- Once Upon a time. (Having problems to find season 2 and up in spanish.) Bullet; Purple 
- Avatar: The legend of Korra. (Not translaaaated.)
- Game of thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire. (I like the design of the characters. Nothing more.) Bullet; Purple 
- Inuyasha.
- Tsubatsa: Sakura Chronicles. (I like the main characters, but the overall plot is too messy for me)
- Hetalia. Bullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; Purple 
- Eragon. (I have read all of it... But it was too dense to remember all the things that happened) Bullet; Purple 

Ashamed I'll never do it, doesn't matter how much you yell: 

- Twilight. (Full. Stop.)
- Doctor Who. (I haven't watch it, I don't know a single thing! )
- Stark Trek. (Same.)
- Star Wars. (Guess what? Same.)
- Creepy characters. (Professor Hojo, Orochimaru, Gekko Moria. Caesar Clown...)
- Idhun's Memories. (Hate it. HATE. IT.)
- My Little Ponnie.
- LoL, WoW, and similars.
- 50 Shades of Grey. (Just... simply... ufh)
- Original stories I haven't even read and you still want me to draw the characters. 
- Closed species (unless you give me full information.)
- Real life people. (1st, I suck at converting people to my stile. 2nd Since I read that Tom HiddlestonxReader there is something about it that makes me feel uncomfortable)
- Supernatural (I'll have to see it, but not now...)
- Evangelion (Haven't watch it, sorry. I could ask a friend to explain me everything, but I would charge you a lot for that...)
- Full Metal Alchemist (On my 'to watch' list)
- Shinjeki no Kyojin (Haha... NO)


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I want to be a concept artist, but I have a long, looong (and oh-so-painful) way yet.



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